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NHU Announces Cost-Effective New Wind Energy Resource (9/14/2017)

Michigan Avenue Infrastructure Project to Begin July 10 (7/6/2017)

Are You Experiencing an After Hours Utility Emergency? (6/12/2017)

The Focus on Energy Appliance Recycling Program is Back! (4/3/2017)

Electric Department Staff Collecting Infrastructure Information (4/3/2017)

NHU Staff are Changing Meters and Trimming Trees (1/11/2017)

NHU Donates to Local Organizations (12/15/2016)

New Holstein Utilities Office Closure During the Holidays (12/15/2016)

Thanks for Celebrating Public Power Week with Us! (10/17/2016)

Focus on Energy Offering Energy Saving Product Packs (9/30/2016)

Celebrate Public Power Week with Us (9/30/2016)

Fall Recycling Day to be Held on September 28 (9/1/2016)

Focus on Energy Offering Energy Saving Product Packs (9/1/2016)

No Pokémon Near Utility Facilities (7/20/2016)



Dive into pool savings (5/27/2016)

Open House at Wastewater Treatment Plant (5/27/2016)

Be Safe and Have a Plan (5/27/2016)

NHU to Host Another Recycling Event (5/3/2016)

New Holstein Utilities is Celebrating National Drinking Water Week (5/3/2016)

Reese and Jaeckels Attend Federal Legislative Rally (3/18/2016)

Water Meter Tests and Cross Connection Surveys are being Conducted (2/16/2016)

Electric Department Staff is Trimming Trees (2/16/2016)

Heus Leaving Utilities Commission; Klinzing Appointed by Mayor Reese (11/24/2015)

Appliance Recycling Program Ceases Operation (11/24/2015)

The Walls to the New Blower Building Are Up (11/6/2015)

Look for leaks around your home (11/6/2015)

Is your house ready for the snow? (1/3/2013)

Brighten the Holidays Through Smart Energy Use (11/30/2012)

NHU Customers to be Surveyed (10/31/2012)

Your Power Comes With Our Support (10/30/2012)

Public Power Week Wrap Up and Prize Winners (10/9/2012)

New Holstein Utilities Celebrates Public Power Week from October 1 - 7 (9/26/2012)

October is Energy Awareness Month (9/26/2012)

Lamp and Electronics Recycling Service Day Scheduled (9/5/2012)

It's Hot, Hot, Hot! (7/5/2012)

Tips Offered to Customers to Assist with Power Outages (6/15/2012)

New Holstein Utilities Officials Tour Elm Road Power Plant (5/23/2012)

Energy Efficiency Awards Presented to NHU Customers (4/30/2012)

Winter Moratorium Ends on April 15, 2012 (3/9/2012)

We're Celebrating 100 Years of Service (3/9/2012)

Residential and Business Energy Efficiency Incentives Available for 2012 (1/12/2012)

"Watts" Our Letter for December's Chamber of Commerce Promotion? (12/2/2011)

NHU and WPPI Energy Make Contributions to Grow Local Business (11/8/2011)

We’re Committed to Keeping Our Community Strong (10/10/2011)

Recycling Event a Success! (10/3/2011)

New Holstein Utilities to Celebrate Public Power Week (9/20/2011)

Recycling Day Scheduled for September 28, 2011 (9/6/2011)

NHU to Participate in NE Wisconsin Food, Fiber and Energy Festival (8/29/2011)

Electric Demand and Usage Soars in July (8/5/2011)

Public Hearing Scheduled for Electric Rate Case (8/5/2011)

Open House for New Holstein Library's Solar Energy System (7/15/2011)

Utility & Street Construction Closes Parts of Wisconsin Avenue (6/13/2011)

NHU/WPPI Energy Scholarships Presented to New Holstein Graduates (6/6/2011)

New Holstein Utilities to Host Open Forums (5/16/2011)

Publications National Drinking Water Week Celebration Winners (5/9/2011)

NHU Celebrates National Drinking Water Week (4/19/2011)

City Announces Heavy Refuse Pick-up and Hazardous Waste Disposal Dates (4/7/2011)

Winter Moratorium Ends on April 15, 2011 (3/29/2011)

New Holstein Utilities Employee Completes Apprenticeship, Earns Journey Status (3/2/2011)

Be Safe and Have a Plan (3/1/2011)

Mid-Shores Home Builders Home Show is February 18-20 (2/3/2011)

City Council Approves NHU Proposal to Increase Sewer Rates (2/3/2011)

PSC Approves Increase in New Holstein's Water Rates (1/4/2011)

Public Hearing Set for NHU Water Rate Case (12/15/2010)

WPPI Energy Selects New CEO (11/2/2010)

Thanks for Celebrating Public Power Week with Us! (10/12/2010)

Celebrate Public Power Week with New Holstein Utilities (10/1/2010)

Energy Assistance Available To Income-Qualified Customers (9/30/2010)

Energy Assistance Available (9/29/2010)

New Holstein Utilities Job Opportunity (9/7/2010)

Recycling Event Scheduled for September 23, 2010 (9/7/2010)

Onesti Completes Apprenticeship Program (8/18/2010)

Online tool helps customers calculate energy savings (7/14/2010)

Save watts at home even while you’re away (7/14/2010)

Water Quality Report is Complete (6/24/2010)

Four Steps To A Greener Lawn (6/10/2010)

Lamp & Computer Recycling Scheduled for June 2, 2010 (5/18/2010)

National Drinking Water Week Celebration Winners (5/12/2010)

NHU to Celebrate National Drinking Water Week (4/16/2010)

Call Diggers Hotline Before You Dig (4/9/2010)

Winter Disconnection Moratorium Ends April 15 (3/31/2010)

Appliance savings in sight! (2/25/2010)

Bust those phantom loads (2/23/2010)

Visit Us at the Home and Garden Expo (2/8/2010)

NHU Donates to the Community in 2009 (2/1/2010)

New Incentives Available from Focus on Energy (1/6/2010)

What is Commitment to Community charge on my bill? (1/5/2010)

NHU Residential Customers to be Surveyed (12/15/2009)

NHU Gift Certificates Available for the Holidays (12/2/2009)

Energy Assistance Available (10/8/2009)

Public Power Week Wrap-up (10/8/2009)

NHU to Host Open Forums (9/28/2009)

NHU Celebrates Public Power Week (9/28/2009)

NHU Benefits from Parnership with EPA for Appliance Recycling (8/31/2009)

Rebate available for tree planting (8/28/2009)

What is Electricity? (8/13/2009)

How Much Does It Cost to Operate My..........??? (8/10/2009)

Rebates For Central Air Tune-ups Expire July 31! (7/10/2009)

Congratulations to the Class of 2009! (6/10/2009)

Got chores? Do ‘em later (6/8/2009)

NHU Announces Drinking Water Week Winners (5/15/2009)

May is National Electrical Safety Month (5/6/2009)

NHU Partners with Calumet County for Clean Sweep Event (4/28/2009)

Captain Wattage is Coming to New Holstein (4/21/2009)

NHU Celebrates National Drinking Water Week (4/15/2009)

Winter Moratorium to End for NHU Customers (3/26/2009)

NHU Applies for Stimulus Funding (3/10/2009)

Recycling Event to be Held on March 25 (2/27/2009)

Federal Tax Credits Still Available for Energy Efficient Upgrades (1/26/2009)

Several Factors Contribute to Higher Utility Bills (1/12/2009)

NHU Presented with Leadership Award (1/2/2009)

Power supplier becomes WPPI Energy (12/16/2008)

NHU Accepting Bids for Pickup Truck (12/12/2008)

Is your business considering an energy efficiency project? (11/11/2008)

Students collect food items – win prizes! (10/15/2008)

Home Energy Suite added to NHU site (9/5/2008)

NHU and WPPI Donate to New Holstein Organizations (8/22/2008)

Power Outage Tips (7/22/2008)

Mason Street Water Tower to Get a New Look (7/22/2008)

Be safe when dealing with flood waters (6/16/2008)


Central A/C Tune-up Program Available (5/6/2008)

NHU Celebrates Drinking Water Week (4/25/2008)

Scholarship Application Forms Now Available (3/13/2008)

Pafford Named MEUW Lineman of the Year (1/24/2008)

Boomerang Jack is Coming to New Holstein (1/11/2008)

Need help with energy bills? (1/8/2008)

Renewable Energy Price Lowered for NHU Customers (12/6/2007)

Rockefeller Center switches to LED holiday lights (12/5/2007)

Lintner Receives Wastewater Operator Award (11/9/2007)

Public Power Week Events; LED Holiday Lights (10/15/2007)

New Holstein's Power Supplier Harnesses Sun's Power (8/27/2007)

Water System Projects Progressing (8/20/2007)

Electric Costs to Increase (6/11/2007)

NHU Presents Scholarships to High School Graduates (6/11/2007)

NHU Customers Tour Wind Turbines (5/8/2007)

NHU Celebrates National Drinking Water Week (4/27/2007)

New Holstein Utilities Urges Customers to Make Payment Arrangements as Winter Moratorium Ends (4/4/2007)

Call Diggers Hotline Before You Dig (3/12/2007)

Ideas for Living Green (3/5/2007)

Utility Infrastructure Improvements Continue (1/10/2007)

Electricity – Then & Now (1/10/2007)

Give the Gift of Energy (12/4/2006)

Are You Prepared for Storm Season? (11/9/2006)

NHU Files for an Electric Rate Adjustment (10/12/2006)

Public Power Week Wrap Up (10/12/2006)

It’s Time to “Button Up Your Home” (9/26/2006)

NHU Celebrates Public Power Week (9/5/2006)

Powerful $avings (7/26/2006)

NHU General Manager (7/7/2006)

Wind Power Lights Lady Liberty (6/12/2006)

Hybrid Sales Doubled in 2005 but are Varied Thus Far in 2006 (5/17/2006)

Watch Out for Upcoming Water/Wastewater Projects (5/16/2006)

NHU's Power Supplier Adds Members (5/10/2006)

Tax Credits Available for Energy Efficiency Improvements (2/1/2006)

NHU Sponsors Safety and Energy Conservation Shows at Schools (2/1/2006)

Resolve to Shed Those kWhs (1/11/2006)

Be Prepared for Winter Storms (1/11/2006)

Give a NHU Gift Certificate This Holiday Season (12/1/2005)

Be Aware of Energy Use During the Holidays! (12/1/2005)

Good For the Community in More Ways Than One! (10/11/2005)

NHU Celebrates Public Power Week (9/9/2005)

Dorm Room Safety 101 (8/29/2005)

Celebrating 25 Years of Joint Action (8/29/2005)

Scholarship Recipients Announced (6/8/2005)

WPPI Growth Continues (5/20/2005)


Enter our Win a Tree Contest! (3/29/2005)

Public Service Commission (PSC) Approves Electric Rates and Rules Changes (1/21/2005)

Wisconsin Public Power Inc. (WPPI) Experiences More Growth (1/21/2005)

Configure Your Computer to Save Money and Energy (1/12/2005)

Utility Supports Community Organizations (11/8/2004)

Facts About Sewer Backup Incidents (10/22/2004)

Thanks for Celebrating Public Power Week with Us (10/14/2004)

Public Power Week Celebration is Back (9/23/2004)

Teach Your Kids the ABC’s of Electrical Safety (8/27/2004)

NHU Presents Scholarships to Students (6/21/2004)

Utility's Newest Generating Resource is Dedicated (5/27/2004)

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention (4/22/2004)

Students Receive Electric Safety and Conservation Message (3/24/2004)

Scholarship Applications Now Available (3/3/2004)

New Holstein Goes Global with Economic Development (2/4/2004)

New Holstein Utilities Improves Its Looks (11/20/2003)

Snow Removal Helps All (11/20/2003)

NHU Wraps Up Public Power Week! (10/8/2003)

New Holstein Utilities Celebrates Public Power Week (9/17/2003)

Fall is a Good Time to Plant Trees (9/2/2003)

NHU Presents Scholarships to Students (8/1/2003)

NHU Encourages Community to Support the New Holstein Firemen's Picnic (7/9/2003)

NHU Receives Awards at MEUW Conference (7/3/2003)

NHU Promotes LED Exit Lights (5/28/2003)

May is National Electric Safety Month (5/1/2003)

Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day (4/17/2003)

National Theatre for Children Promotes Energy Conservation and Electric Safety (3/26/2003)

Mirsberger Earns Journeyman Status (2/17/2003)

Scholarships Offered to '03 High School Graduates (2/6/2003)

New Holstein Utilities Makes Donations to Community Organizations (1/10/2003)

New Holstein Utilities Makes Donations to Community Organizations (11/27/2002)

Green Power for Business has its First Participant (11/25/2002)

Thanks for Celebrating Public Power Week with NHU (10/18/2002)

NHU Celebrates Public Power Week (10/3/2002)

Orth Retires from New Holstein Utility Commission (8/21/2002)

New Holstein Utilities Receives National Safety Award (4/9/2002)

Renewable Energy Program Available to NHU Customers (3/15/2002)

New Programs Offered to Residential Customers (3/15/2002)

Local Officials Attend Legislative Rally in Washington D.C. (2/5/2002)

Mayor Receives Award from WPPI (1/14/2002)

Keep the Holidays Safe (12/5/2001)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Gets A Facelift (8/26/2001)

Industrial Park Gets Powered Up! (8/24/2001)