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Fire Hydrant Flushing & Maintenance

Hydrant flushing is a regular part of the New Holstein Utilities system maintenance program.  Hydrants provide fire protection, as well as access to the City’s water supply. Only authorized persons may open or close a water/fire hydrant.

The main goals of the Hydrant Flushing Program are to:

  • Inspect and exercise hydrants to ensure that they are functioning properly in the event of an emergency
  • Remove unwanted sediment from the water mains to improve the overall quality of the water.

Hydrant flushing occurs between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  During the process of      hydrant flushing, your tap water may become discolored and appear rusty. This discoloration is temporary. Residents are encouraged to let the water run for several minutes until it appears clear before washing clothes.  If you get weak water flow when you turn on the faucet, you could have a filter screen, or aerator, that's clogged. Unscrew the aerator body from the faucet and remove all the internal components. Clean and reassemble.