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New Holstein Utilities Employees

Welcome! Meet our friendly, knowledgeable crew and staff at New Holstein Utilities. Perhaps you recognize some of us from a visit to our office or from seeing us in our trucks around town. Or, you may have run into us out and about in the community. After all, we are your neighbors and we live and work right here in New Holstein.

Employees: (Left to Right) Front Row: Tom(WPPI ESM), Brad(Softener Technician), Tom(Electric Operations Supervisor, Noah(Water Operator), Abe(Wastewater Operator), Klein(Electric Journeyman), Ian(Wastewater Operator in Charge) and Nathan(Electric Apprentice Lineman).   Sitting: Mason(Electric Apprentice Lineman). Back Row (Left to Right): Justin(Lead Lineman), Ann(Meter Reader), Kathy(Billing/Customer Service), Marc(General Manager), Paula(Business Manager), and Amanda(Accounting/Customer Service).  Missing from the photo is Doug(Water/Wastewater Supervisor).

KEY CONTACTS:               

Marc, General Manager  

Paula, Business Manager

Tom, Electric Operations Supervisor                                      

Doug, Water/Wastewater Supervisor


For general inquiries, contact us at: or (920) 898-5776.