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Water Issue? When should you call a plumber vs. New Holstein Utilities?

It depends on the situation, but here are a few tips to help you decide. If it’s after hours or the weekend, getting the correct contact may help in preventing too much water/sewer damage.

  •  If an increase in your water bill is the reason you suspect a leak, we recommend you listen for a running toilet or put some dye or food coloring in the tank to see if it makes its way to the bowl. Inspect your plumbing. Final option would be to call a plumber.
  •  If your shut off valves are leaking before or after the water meter, you need to call a plumber.  Pipes located on your property are generally your responsibility.
  •  If your sewer is backing up, you will need to call a plumber. If it is backing up from the street, the plumber will call NHU to further investigate the issue.
  •  If you see the water meter or a rented water softener leaking, call NHU.  We will repair our equipment.
  •  If you see water bubbling in the street, it’s usually a water main break; call NHU. The utilities are generally responsible for water leaks before your property line.
  •  If you see a water leak at a home in your neighborhood and no one appears to be there, call NHU to come and shut the water off to the entire home until the owners can be reached.