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Follow these steps to ensure a correctly installed solar system:

  • Do your homework. Identify your solar options. Some important basic questions are: What type of solar installation could work for me? Ground or roof mounted? Would my solar project receive any shading? What type of inverter do I want?
  • Contact local solar installation companies. Get quotes and compare the total costs and payback periods of different systems.
  • Select your contractor. If doing work on your own, select your solar equipment.
  • Complete required PSC documents. The Distributed Generation Application and Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement can be found at
  • Obtain local permits. Contact your local government permitting office to submit the necessary paperwork and have a structural analysis performed for any roof mounted application.Installation and inspection. Upon final installation of your solar equipment, have a final inspection by your local building inspector.
  • Contact New Holstein Utilities. Have a bi-directional meter installed.