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Solar Information


To determine if adding solar to your home is the right decision for your unique situation, be sure to do your homework and identify all of your solar options. If you are considering installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at your home, to learn about available programs, requirements to interconnect to the utility,

Verifying that your proposals accurately reflect your utility rate, estimated solar generation, and calculated payback is important for you to make the best decision to meet your goals.  We are here to help.

Basic questions to consider before you begin:

  • What is my goal for installing solar?
  • How much of my annual energy use do I want to offset?
  • Should I go with a ground or roof mounted system?
  • Do I want a solar electric or solar thermal (hot water) system?
  • Will my solar system receive shading during select parts of the day or at certain times of the year?
  • What solar installation companies work in our area? 



Once you decide to invest in PV Solar at your home, follow these steps below to ensure you get a correctly installed PV solar system.

  1. Contact New Holstein Utilities; Let us know when you begin construction of your solar project so that we can ensure the bi-directional meter is installed and we can provide you with any needed assistance.
  2. Contact local solar installation contractors; Get quotes and compare the total costs and payback periods of different systems and installers. 
  3. Complete required Public Service Commission documents; Complete the Distributed Generation Application and additional form prior to installation. (Listed Below) 
  4. Obtain local permits; Make sure your contractor contacts your local government permitting office to submit the necessary paperwork and have a structural analysis performed for any roof-mounted application.
  5. Installation and inspection; Upon final installation of your solar system, have a final inspection by the utility/and or local building inspector.



Applications can be submitted to



One of the most important steps to a successful solar energy system is finding the right contractor you can trust to do the job right. Here are some helpful resources and tips to point you in the right direction for selecting your contractor.

Solar Energy Industries Association provides information on Wisconsin solar installers, contractors and retailers.

RENEW Wisconsin, a renewable energy advocacy group, offers a map of Wisconsin solar installers to help find quality companies nearby.

Focus on Energy’s Find a Trade Ally tool lets you search for qualified contractors based on service and location.

The Better Business Bureau lets you research companies to see if they are the subject of complaints filed with the BBB. lets you gather price quotes from service companies that work with HomeAdvisor.